– Best SPF’s that don’t leave you looking like an alien

The last couple of months have been a roller coaster when it comes to the weather, it’s been rain plus wind and a dash of sunshine, which is why sunscreen is the last thing that’s on our minds. Living in the UK one might think it’s not essential to wear SPF but contrary to what we’ve been taught sunscreen is essential not only in the summer but all 365 days of they year.

It’s important to wear sunscreen all year round as the sun doesn’t disappear once autumn comes around. Whilst many believe a sunscreen’s job is to only protect from sun rays it actually does more than this.

Good sunscreens should shield from both UVA and UVB rays which can ultimately lead to premature ageing (Yes that’s right wearing sunscreen can be anti-ageing), reduce pigmentation, protect against the reduction of the skin barrier function and protect us from the worst of them all skin cancer.

Growing up as a black girl I was told I didn’t need to wear sunscreen and it was only people who burnt in the sun that needed to wear it. Then I started educating myself against this myth and then came across another obstacle which was, the white/blue cast most sunscreens left on my skin (I’m sure all you POC can relate).

Through trial and error I finally found some great SPF’s that work for my complexion and don’t leave me looking like a ghost/alien.

Before I found these gems I never had the confidence to wear sunscreen without makeup as I felt I looked like a Avatar (But not in a cute Zoe Saldana way) but I now have some really great ones I can count on:

  1. La Roche-Posay – SPF 50La Roche-Posay
  2. Shiseido Wetforce – SPF 50Shiseido SPF
  3. Murad Instablur SPF 30Murad SPF.png
  4. Glossier Invisible Shield – SPF 35Glossier SPF

As you can tell I’m a big advocate for sunscreen, I even wear it whilst I’m indoors as sun rays can also come through the window. Granted this might be a little extra, as our skin does have a level of protection but the skin is the biggest organ on our body and the longer we don’t look after it, it will soon stop looking after us.

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