New month, new beginning, new blessings

October is here and I’m excited. Why? Well to start off it’s the tenth month of the year, which is a gentle kick up the backside as a reminder that you are really cutting it close with those unachieved new years resolution but still gives you that chance to fix up. October is also the start of autumn. Well I think … I may be wrong as I don’t actually know the official beginning date for autumn but in my head it’s October. This is when the days start to get darker quicker and noses start sniffling and the oversized long-line coats come out and the burnt oranges and burgundy colours and smells make this season my favourite time of year especially for beauty and fashion.


So today is the 1st October and it’s my new start. Not only because it’s the first day of a new month but also because I’m filled with so much love and inspiration.


Today is Nigerian Independence Day, and being a Nigerian British, or British Nigerian, however its politically correct to say it I feel very proud to have Nigerian heritage because being Nigerian is LIT!

We are caring, beautiful people and most importantly we love to live life, and we live it like a big party and this is everything to celebrate, because if you can’t celebrate yourself and what makes you you, no one will and what is more inspiring than being proud of who you are and where you come from.


As if that wasn’t enough to celebrate, today is also the start of black history month. A time to celebrate where we have come from and where we as black people will continue to go.

Although I strongly, strongly disagree of the fact that its only a month that we have to celebrate our black history when in reality our history is very much intertwined in British, European, and American History and therefore shouldn’t be limited to one month and to add to this I also feel strongly about society limiting our history to slavery and civil rights when there is much, much, much more to it.

But we’ll leave that for another day, let me not go off on a tangent, as this blog post is about positivity and new beginnings.


Today is a day of new beginnings and great opportunities to inspire and be inspired and is the perfect time to re-discover myself and my identity which is ultimately rooted in my experiences of being a black woman and even more as a British Nigerian woman and there is much more to discover about what that means for me and my future, which is why today 1st October 2018 is significant in my journey to delve in deep into what this month and the rest of the year 2018 has to offer.

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