I’ve still got time | Makeup for Zayn Malik ft PARTYNEXTDOOR

Today I can officially let you all know that I did the on the makeup for Zayn Malik ft PARTYNEXTDOOR music video for Still Got Time. It has been so hard to not share this amazing opportunity but I had to keep it professional (plus I signed a confidentiality agreement and I was not ready to get sued). So on 1st and 2nd April 2017 I was at Zayn’s house, yes his house doing the makeup for the cast of his music video. The cast was around hundreds of people each day and it was the best environment. As you can see when you watch the music video the party is something else and that was how it felt on both days that this video was shot. It was filled with skateboarders, a monkey, an alligator, actual tattoos being drawn on his body, a HUGE teepee (which I really wanted to take home), and of course, lots of alcohol. It made me want to PARTY!



For the past few months prior to me starting this blog I had been wallowing in my self-pity. Majority of my friends had professional jobs and were on track to what they wanted in life, whereas I had just graduated and was working in retail. I do not want to offend anyone who works in retail, however that was not my plan. After realising that feeling sorry for myself was just a waste of time, I started looking for networking events and that’s how I came across the Creativity Works programme and that really was the start of my journey that I am on now.

I have learnt a lot in the past couple of months about what I am good at and also about who I am as a person and I’m starting to understand that I’ve Still Got Time. Yes, I know it’s a little corny but it’s true. As long as you are working towards something, do not look at what others are doing because your journey is different to theirs and you do have time. Just believe you are meant to be doing whatever it is you are doing right now because that is what will lead you to where you should be.

I never thought in a million years that I would have been one of the makeup artists for an international pop star’s music video but that’s what happened. Although the song may not necessarily mean what I’ve said, this is my personal interpretation and can not wait to share more of the amazing opportunities I am lucky enough to be a part of.

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