Photoshoot with William Selden and Gary Card|Lola to the rescue

Yesterday, Sunday 26th March 2017 was the day we had all been waiting for, the day of our photo-shoots with Uniqlo London,  William Selden and Gary Card. The past few weeks had been leading up to this and although I was not feeling well I could not miss this day not in a million years and I’m so happy I did not. We each designed t-shirts and concepts around them in order to create a brand. My brand is A.W.K.S – A Wild Kindred Spirit, this brand has a kind of tongue in cheek style where I represent awkward things through my design in a fun way of bringing people together. Although I enjoyed designing, this process made me realise that I am not a designer and I am suited more towards coming up with concepts/designs and the overall style and look of the project/brands rather than actually making a product or garment.

This shoot day was absolutely amazing, although it did not go as smoothly as I or all of us had hoped, it all came together in the end. The vibe was great everyone was running around getting everything together, music was playing I was trying to figure out how I was going to blow up my doughnut float (yep random things happen on shoots) as this was a prop for my set. I was not there on Saturday so unfortunately I did not have the time to create a set but that was ok as I already knew I wanted to have this doughnut float in my set. But as it was a Sunday nothing opened till 11am and my time slot was around 12pm, which did not give me much time. On top of that say a couple of hours from arriving on set we get the best news (insert sarcasm here) that our makeup artist can not make it.

Everyone including myself was excited to have different makeup looks on the model but what was going to happen now. I had no plans of doing makeup, I didn’t even have a drop of anything on my own face. Everyone at this point was trying to figure out what to do and I was asked to do the makeup so it was time to put my makeup artistry hat on. I was so lost because I had nothing with me, and the looks planned were quite editorial but I had to make it work with the few bits we could get together. Lola to the rescue, I became a mixologist and created a green mascara for one of the looks and did a winged liner and bold lip for another, and did a red splattered eyeshadow look with freckles and a bold lip for the last look. Overall everyone was happy and I had used my skills to save the day.

This made me realise that I can be several things and now I know that having multiple skills or as they say ‘being a jack of all trades’ is not a bad thing and I embrace my spectrum of talents.




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