Cut Through The Noise by Doing Something Different | Henry Holland

House of Holland SS17 collection

There are many people and movies that portray the fashion industry in a negative light, The Devil Wears Prada being one of those movies. Despite it being an amazing watch it represents the industry as a dog eat dog world where you have to be a certain way or change to being a certain way to fit the mould. There must be some truth to this but it’s amazing when you find someone whose personality completely makes you rethink your opinion of a whole industry.

“I had a sort of impostor complex for some time, I still do sometimes” – Henry Holland

Henry Holland is that guy. A young British fashion designer, businessman, and blogger who launched his lifestyle brand in 2008. Having started as womenswear brand with captioned t-shirts, House of Holland has come a long way. From making t-shirts with his mates, to being written about in Vogue and shown during various fashion week catwalks around the world to now being a world known brand providing womenswear, menswear, and accessories, creating a statement in British fashion.

Last week Monday, 13th March 2017, the Fashion group on the Creativity Works programme were lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit down and talk with him. Sat in front of twenty or so 18-25 year olds and telling his story, his advice was rather surprising. He explained how in his career ignorance really was bliss. He ‘didn’t have a clue what the right way was’ and just tried everything till it worked.

‘‘Nothing is good fashion and nothing is bad fashion … just stay true to your idea” – Henry Holland 

All sounds great, but what does that mean? Is this luck? Or just being a nice person?


In Henry’s case, possibly a combination of both because who else can say they happened to be housemates with Agyness Deyn before she became the famous model we know her to be today. His formula was being in the right place at the right time, hanging out with his friends at Hoxton Square’s Boom Box and befriending the likes of Gareth Pugh and Giles Deacon also definitely helped.

His words and presence was so inspiring and really emphasised the importance networking and being genuine and nice to everyone you meet as this will get you further in any area of life.

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