International Women’s Day


Growing up in a single parent household with my mother raising my sister and I, I always understood how special and powerful women are. As Beyoncé’s who run the world song goes…

‘How we’re smart enough to make these millions
Strong enough to bear the children
Then get back to business’

My mother instilled many values in my sister and I, especially the belief that we can do anything and be anyone we want. The main importance was to not let anyone tell us that we can not because we are female! So for me I celebrate being a woman, and all the women I know and those I do not know that I see doing great things. Being a woman is something that should be celebrated.



Do not get me wrong I know it’s not all sunshine and roses I know we still have a while before we are truly seen as equals to men but I believe we are getting there and will be there soon.

Gender equality has been a topic of change for a long time and it is no different in the Fashion industry. The fashion industry despite womenswear being the most revenue importing sector, and predominantly female still has a gap in pay. Despite this negative aspect, I am proud to know the influence women have made and are making, not only in this industry but in the world.

For the past two weeks I have been surrounded by some amazing women (and men but today is not about them) who are part of the fashion industry and trying to help get me equipped into for the industry. From event producers, curators, PR directors, bloggers, and my amazing female peers on this creativity works programme.

To me these women are just as amazing as the actors/actresses or public figures we see on TV. Let’s say they’re my personal equivalent to Anna Wintour (minus the bob and sunglasses).

Although I do not need a day like today to appreciate all the women in the world as I believe this should be everyday it is nice to see the love and support women are giving other women and men giving women, along with all the positivity on social media all around the world it’s inspiring.

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