London Fashion Week Festival | Catwalk Photography SS17

It’s amazing what can happen when you put things out into the universe. I believe it was this time last year when I was sat on my sofa watching some of the highlights of London Fashion Week saying to myself how next year I want to be invited to watch at least one show (true story), and yeah I know it was a big wish, I could have said I want to attend a show, so all I really would have to do is buy tickets. You can call me ambitious or cheap but I wanted an invite so I put it out there in the universe.

Fast forward to Sunday 26th February 2017 I was invited. Well kind of. It was not London Fashion Week but it was London Fashion Week Festival. How amazing is this, from sitting on my sofa watching it on my laptop to being at the same location I was admiring from my laptop screen. So let me tell you how this happened.

On Friday 24th February I started an amazing programme called creativity works with create jobs and one of the amazing opportunities was to shoot the catwalk for Teatum Jones (WOW) and the trend highlights of London Fashion Week at London Fashion Week Festival. A group of twenty something of young creatives from London had the opportunity to experience a glimpse of what catwalk photography is like.

So it’s the final day of the shows at London Fashion Week Festival, we arrive at 10:45 and are taken backstage where we are briefed and given our call sheets. We get the five-minute call and are then taken to the pit (the front end of the catwalk where the photographers stand) and the layout is exactly the same as London Fashion Week. It takes me a minute to realise what is going on and then the lights dim the music starts and the show begins and I get to work. First click, walk, second click, walk. The music, the model, and I synced to an undecided rhythm its exciting.

Capturing the moments of motion, the atmosphere, the fierce features of the models, the crisp cuts and patterns on the garments, the details within the slick and bold aesthetics of the designs. I’m sat in front of a professional photographer and I can feel a sense of accomplishment in less than five minutes into the show.

It was amazing. Seeing everything from a different perspective it was like experiencing my first ever catwalk all over again. The excitement, the fascination, and adoration for the designers’ work, the clothes, and capturing my emotions through photography created a buzz in the air. I would do it all over again.

If you want something claim it its funny how the universe works it out for you.

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